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[movies]GET LAMP: Keith Nemitz - Jason Scott
UNUSED IN THE DOCUMENTARY. Keith Nemitz, once employed by On-Line Systems (Sierra On-Line) and a talented game-maker and developer, has gone on to be an independent developer in the years hence. He contacted me about being interviewed and I stopped by one afternoon and interviewed him. Sadly, due to a technical error, his interview footage was truncated, something I didn't realize until much later, meaning many answers were lost...
Downloads: 44
[movies]GET LAMP: Michael Feir - Jason Scott
Michael Feir was the founder and editor of Audyssey magazine, which is a magazine (now website) dedicated to finding accessibility in games. Blind himself, Michael was up for being interviewed for GET LAMP and even provides a critical show of using a game like Zork with a speech synthesizer. He really drove the sequence in GET LAMP about the blind, making it go from a potential bonus feature on the DVD to a prominent sequence in the final movie.
Downloads: 56
[movies]David Crane Introduction for DICE 2013 - Jason Scott
David Crane Introduction for DICE 2013
Keywords: David Crane; Dice; Introduction
Downloads: 18
[movies]GET LAMP: Jeremy Douglass - Jason Scott
Jeremy Douglass was one of a number of interactive fiction doctorates I interviewed for GET LAMP. In Jeremy's case, his defense was imminent (or it might have just happened, I don't quite remember) and so this was all a relatively new thing for him. His mind was full of his dissertation's research so he was a great interview just on that level of things. He drew a lot of parallels of writing and games and interactive fiction, and he'd been involved with the whole modern scene for years and years...
Downloads: 69
[texts]Advertisement: Orange+ Computer from Collins International Trading Corporation - Jason Scott
Advertisement for the Orange+ Computer, an Apple II Clone from Collins International Trading Corporation.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 21
[audio]BBS Documentary: Interview with Ben Gardiner - Jason Scott
Interview with Ben Gardiner, Sysop of the Aids Info BBS in San Francisco, CA. A miscommunication as to the interview being on camera meant that Gardiner (a member of the Screen Actor's Guild) couldn't be filmed. We instead chose to do an audio interview, and conducted it across an hour on the evening of July 28, 2002. Presented here are the results of that interview, edited slightly for content (no relevant passages have been exised or changed)...
Keywords: Documentary
Downloads: 410
[texts]Advertisement: ABC Airflow - Jason Scott
Advertisement for ABC Airflow, an expansion fan for the front of IBM PC Computers.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 14
[audio]2013 07 24 Jason Scott NDSA Digital Preservation 2013 Archive Team - Jason Scott
Presentation by Jason Scott of Archive Team at Digital Preservation 2013 - I Am The Harbinger of Death: An Introduction to Archive Team. Held in Alexandria, VA on July 23, 2013.
Keywords: Archive Team; Jason Scott; Presentation
Downloads: 171
[texts]Imsai Advertisement: Complete Control - Jason Scott
Complete Control. Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Control Computer. If a family (including milkman and grandma) were that enraputred by a circuit board, a train set and a ripped apart telephone, I'll eat my scanner. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 21
[movies]GET LAMP: Robert Pinsky - Jason Scott
Nick Montfort, prominent in GET LAMP itself, was also a big advisor behind the scenes of the whole film (any re-issues are going to credit him for it). He gave me advice on subjects, listened to the raw interviews and asked about themes, and in some cases, was able to get me in touch with people I'd really have had no hope of reaching. One of these was Robert Pinsky, poet laureate of the US, who had worked on a game called "Mindwheel" in the 1980s, and who was Nick's professor at BU at one point...
Downloads: 61
[audio]Interview with Delchi, New York City, July 21, 2002 - Jason Scott
Interview conducted as part of The BBS Documentary Project.
Keywords: interview bbs delchi documentary
Downloads: 149
[movies]ConCon: A History of Hacker Conferences - Jason Scott
"This con sucks. In fact, every con sucks. Every con was better last year, and that con sucked too." While this sort of discussion takes place at hundreds of bars, hotel rooms and meeting spaces every year, it would be a good thing to have a solid body of knowledge about the history of hacker conferences, their roots and pre-roots, and trends they show as both a cultural event and context in the world...
Keywords: Shmoocon; 2006; Jason Scott; History; ConCon
Downloads: 99
[movies]DEFCON Documentary Premiere: Ambient Sound and Q&A - Jason Scott
Ambient audience recording of the DEFCON Documentary Premiere and Question/Answer Session, which took place on August 1, 2013 at DEFCON 21. The full recording of the audience reaction, recorded from the podium. Roughly 1000 people were in attendance. The second track is the Q&A from the session, including director Jason Scott, producer Rachel Lovinger, Executive Producers Jeff Moss and Russ Rogers...
Keywords: DEFCON Documentary
Downloads: 43
[movies]GET LAMP: Stu Galley - Jason Scott
Stu Galley is an Infocom author (The Witness, Seastalker, and Moonmist) who was also on the board of Infocom at its founding, and stayed at the company through to its "move" to California. He's one of my favorite interviews, and always had a kind word for me as I worked on the movie through the years. In this interview, his perspectives on Infocom both within the board as well as a writer were really great, and he shows up in a lot of places throughout GET LAMP.
Downloads: 71
[movies]GET LAMP: Dave Cornelson - Jason Scott
Dave Cornelson is a rock in the IF community, having run events, helped publish needed books and documentation, and is the creator of Textfyre, a next-generation IF system meant to bring the medium to whole new audiences. For his interview, conducted just after his kids' bedtime, we covered a whole range of the modern IF scene at the time, and a good amount made it into the film.
Downloads: 51
[texts]Advertisement: Southwest Technical Products Terminal Kit - Jason Scott
Now $325 buys a 64-character terminal kit. Note that this isn't a computer, just a terminal, and the monitor is an extra $175. Goes to 1200 baud, and has 2k of memory. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 16
[texts]Advertisement: Atari Software Services - Jason Scott
Simple adverisement for a number of powerful utilities for the Atari Home Computer family, allowing greater manipulation of cartridge and disk data. Classic example of the use of the "Atari Font" in selling Atari software (not to mention the Atari logo) from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 27
[movies]Wikipedia, Brick by Brick - Jason Scott
Wikipedia, the "Free Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit" is now one of the top 20 websites on the Internet, and increasingly a primary source of information for many thousands of users every day. It also contains a number of fatal flaws in its architecture that it is slowly fixing through a number of fundamental changes being implemented each month. In this way, Wikipedia's publically-editable, worldwide-read, and often-relied-upon experiment can serve as an experimental hotbox, a warning to othe...
Downloads: 20
[audio]Presentation: Archive Team and the Case of the Widespread Recognition - Jason Scott
Archive Team and the Case of the Widespread Recognition, presentation by Archive Team mascot Jason Scott at the Personal Digital Archiving Conference 2012. In a fast-paced 30 minute talk, Jason Scott describes an update of Archive Team, his own trajectory as an adjunct archivist for Internet Archive, the recent save of various projects, urls to collections on archive.org, and future projects. Various toolsets, including the Archive Team tracker, JSMESS, WGET-WARC and other approaches are discus...
Keywords: Archive Team; Jason Scott; Archive; Preservation; Geocities; MAME; MESS; WGET; WARC; Internet Archive; Paranoia; Food Museum
Downloads: 230
[texts]PC: The Disk Magazine - Software Submission Plan - Jason Scott
PC: The Disk Magazine - Software Submission Plan, a small booklet explaining the rules for providing software and documentation for submission to the Ziff-Davis Publication that came on a floppy disk.
Keywords: software; program; submission; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; disk; ibm; agreement; magazine; documentation; subscribers; submissions; submission process; personal computer; software submission; program code; disk magazine; ibm personal; submission agreement; submission plan; help menus
Downloads: 66
[texts]Advertisement: Atari Battlezone Tactical Error - Jason Scott
One of these players has made a tactical error in Battlezone; from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 15
[texts]Atari: The Next Generation Catalog - Jason Scott
Catalog/Promotional Material for the "Next Generation" of Atari Home Computers, before a buyout by Jack Tramiel closed down most of the proposed machines.
Keywords: atari; computer; program; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; programs; joystick; disk; programming; cartridge; cassette; graphics; technical points; points atari; program recorder; power adapter; disk drive; basic programming; expansion connection; estimated availability; atari basic; programming language
Downloads: 190
[audio]Jason Scott Keynote, JCDL2012 - Jason Scott
Keynote: All You Cared about Is Gone and All Your Friends Are Dead: The Fun Frolic of Preservation ActivismKeynote Speaker:  Jason Scott Yes, the endless progression of all things towards loss, destruction and disappearance are a bit of a bummer, but that's no reason to be down about it! Against the wave of thrown-up hands and jettisoned heritage comes The Archive Team, a rogue band of activist preservationists who are attacking the problem from all sides, logic and futility be tossed...
Keywords: Keynote; jcdl; jcdl2012; jason scott; archive team
Downloads: 119
[movies]GET LAMP: Frank Fridd - Jason Scott
Frank Fridd is an interactive fiction writer in England who has been writing amazing, out of the box works for decades. He does it not for money, or attention, or as some sort of stepping stone - he does it because he loves it. This comes across in the interview, which we conducted in the same hotel room as Richard Hewison and Richard Bartle, while I was in London on a trip. Frank was a warm, friendly man who took the trouble to come down...
Downloads: 59
[audio]Jason Scott Keynote At ISAT Cloudrot Workshop - Jason Scott
Keynote from Jason Scott at the ISAT Cloud Rot Workshop. Includes commentary and impromptu Q&As throughout.
Keywords: Cloudrot
Downloads: 14
[movies]So You Got Your Lame Ass Sued: A Legal Narrative (DEFCON 9) - Jason Scott
A video of a talk by Jason Scott, known at DEFCON 9 as 'The Defendant', about his legal dealings with HarvardNet.
Keywords: defcon; defcon 9; jason scott; talk
Downloads: 31
[texts]STB Systems Incorporated: Expansion Products for Personal Computing - Jason Scott
"STB Systems Incorporated: Expansion Products for Personal Computing" - Small brochure catalog for a range of expansion cards for Apple IIs and IBM PCs, including video, RAM, and input/output. Includes separate price list on accompanying card. STB Systems apparently lived up into the 1990s until getting bought out.
Keywords: ibm; memory; compatible; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; printer; expansion; port; parallel; stb; serial; board; parallel port; memory board; parallel printer; software compatible; memory expansion; hard disk; expansion boards; game port; ibm compatible; high speed
Downloads: 137
[movies]DEFCON Documentary: Flea Interview - Jason Scott
Interview with Flea, a goon with the DEFCON staff, interviewed by Jason Scott in the summer of 2012. This is a series of clips from the interview of which a percentage were used in the final documentary.
Keywords: DEFCON; Documentary; Interview; Flea
Downloads: 10
[texts]Zombies and Attack at EP-CYG-4 by Bram Inc. - Jason Scott
Two for the Atari from Bram Inc. by Mike Edwards: Zombies and Attack at EP-CYG-4 - One-page flyer from Bram and encouraging purchase from Computer Palace.
Keywords: ttie; zombies; player; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; pioyfield; dungeons; crowns; game; protagonists; ttie protagonists; arcade
Downloads: 99
[texts]Old Acres Computer Camp Brochure - Jason Scott
Brochure with information about a Computer Camp in Indiana, including descriptions, proposed meals and credentials of staff.
Keywords: computer; campers; midwest; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; camping; activities; programs; indiana; camp; sessions; skill; learning centers; free time; midwest computer; computer education; computer camp; young people; camping experience; fresh fruit; indiana university; computer class
Downloads: 183
[movies]GET LAMP: Dan Horn - Jason Scott
Dan Horn has a rather unique perspective on the early days of the text adventure companies. He was working for Adventure International, Scott Adams' company, and then decided to switch over to Infocom and stay there. As a result, he had great stories of the Adventure International company as a store chain and catalog business, and then the growth and issues of Infocom, up to the absorbing by Activision...
Downloads: 115
[movies]Tubbyman 2000 - Jason Scott
Cove Reber (singer for Saosin) performing with his old band Mormon in the Middle at the 2005 Vista Highschool Battle of the Bands. The rest of Saosin was there too. Fun time.
Keywords: Saosin; Cove
Downloads: 334 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Processor Tech: Seven Points to Consider Before You Buy Your Small Computer - Jason Scott
Processor Tech: Seven Points to Consider Before You Buy Your Small Computer. Informs you that you have multiple choices in small computers and the Processor Technology Sol is reliable and well-maintained. From Creative Computing, May-June 1978 issue.
Keywords: Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings
Downloads: 19
[texts]Broderbund Software Brochure - Jason Scott
Br0derbund Software Brochure: We could tell you we make the finest computer games. We don't have to. You keep telling us. Includes screenshots for a number of Br0derbund games, as well as cover shots and pleasant artwork. Unfortunately, this particular brochure recieved a large amount of abuse from an overwhelmed 12 year old fool and has extensive pen and marker scribbles on it.
Keywords: atari; joystick; galactic; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; apple; controlled; keyboard; requires; arcade; stellar; graphics; joystick controlled; stellar shuttle; arcade style
Downloads: 92
[audio]DEFCON 21 DOC QA - Jason Scott
Q&A Session for the DEFCON Documentary Premiere, at DEFCON 21, August 1, 2013.Recorded using a ZOOM H4N Recorder - some echo and strangeness in the sound. Speakers include Jason Scott (Director), Rachel Lovinger (Producer), Russ Rogers (Executive Producer), Jeff Moss (Executive Proudcer).
Keywords: DEFCON; Documentary; Jason Scott
Downloads: 50
[texts]Colorplus High Resolution Color Graphics Adapter from Plantronics - Jason Scott
"Colorplus Shatters the Mold" Sheet for the Colorplus High Resolution Color Graphics Adapter from Plantronics.
Keywords: colorplus; color; graphics; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; software; data; frederick; character; ibm; electronics; resolution; color graphics; frederick electronics; character graphics
Downloads: 80
[texts]Brochure: Mylex Chairman, a graphics card for IBM-PCs - Jason Scott
One-sheet and cover letter for the Mylex Chairman, the "Chairman of the Boards": a graphics card for IBM-PCs providing additional graphics formats to the PC.
Keywords: color; graphics; ibm; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; mylex; monitor; modes; shades; monochrome; monitors; softuuare; color graphics; mylex corporation; ibm monochrome; monochrome monitor
Downloads: 94
[movies]To My Dearest Friends... - Jason Scott
a little something i slapped together in honor of my best friends. ever. i hope you ALL enjoy it!
Keywords: friends; neon thief; fun; jason scott
Downloads: 1,482
[texts]Flyer for Bounty Bob by Big Five Software - Jason Scott
Flyer for Bounty Bob by Big Five Software.
Keywords: ibm; color; colecovision; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; apple; arcade; level; bounty; coleco
Downloads: 85
[texts]Summer 1983 Thorn EMI Software Catalog - Jason Scott
Summer 1983 Thorn-EMI Video Catalog, Catalog of Game and Financial Software for Atari, Commodore, and Texas Instruments Computers. "Play for Real...", 20 pages
Keywords: emi; thorn; cartridge; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; computer; atari; cassette; indicates; game; games; video; powerful patrol; music composer; thorn emi; basic cartridge; emi video; submarine commander; computer software; indicates trademark; program requires; jumbo jet
Downloads: 103
[movies]GET LAMP: Ryan Russell - Jason Scott
Ryan Russell and I had seen each other at a ton of DEFCON hacking conferences, and we talked about interviewing him for GET LAMP for quite a while. As it was, we finally found ourselves in the same place one year and I interviewed him for a while about his time as a playtester for Synapse software, and other related work. And then I lost the footage, due to a technical error. I let Ryan know about it, and he was happy to shoot it all again, because now he got a second bite to be more literate an...
Downloads: 63
[movies]GET LAMP: Dave West - Jason Scott
Dave West is a long-time caver, and was the leader of the expedition into Bedquilt that opens the GET LAMP film. After he and the rest of the party took me down into the cave for the day, I snagged an interview with him, Roger Brucker and Tom Brucker, to get background about caves and caving and knowing how this game was based on the actual system. He was really kind to do so after a massive day of moving some annoying filmmaker around the bowels of the earth.
Downloads: 57
[audio]Mythapedia - Jason Scott
"Mythapedia": Presentation by Jason Scott at the STM (Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers) Innovations Seminar at Hilton London Kensington, London, England. After a biographical introduction to the speaker's love of information and archiving that led to the textfiles.com website, this speech covers Wikipedia and a number of myths as to its efficiency, dependency and usefulness. Topics include Wikipedia versus Casinos, the role of the Content Defender, and why Speed trumps all else in the ...
Keywords: Wikipedia; Jason Scott; Jimbo Wales; Editing
Downloads: 1,800 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]Penny Arcade Expo 2007 Footage - Jason Scott
The Penny Arcade Expo 2007 was the fourth Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and the first to be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. By some measures, it was the year it became the largest gamer-focused convention, filling over 130,000 square feet of space with exhibits, lectures, musical concerts and gaming rooms. It was held August 24-27. This is a collection of footage shot by Jason Scott with a newly acquired HD handheld camera (a Canon HV-20) of various PAX-related events and att...
Keywords: Penny Arcade Expo; MC Frontalot; Jonathan Coulton; LAN Party; Cosplay; Convention; Video Games
Downloads: 569
[texts]Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventures Promotional Catalog - Jason Scott
The Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventures Promotional Catalog, an introduction to the Hi-Res series of adventure games by a mysterious Host who travels through time and space to sell you games.
Keywords: adventurer; cranston; enter; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; neburon; mission; secret; wizards; wizard; planet; asteroid; time zone
Downloads: 63
[texts]Tall Tree Systems Product Catalog - Jason Scott
One-Page (folded) brochure of products from Tall Tree Systems for the IBM PC, including JRAM, JETDRIVE, JFORMAT2, WINDRIVE, JSPOOL and JFORMAT. Includes photo of employees and information about the company (October, 1983)
Keywords: diskette; jram; disk; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; electronic; user; diskettes; tall; memory; drive; windrive; tree systems; drive support; tall tree; source code; hard disk; file transfer; diskette drive; electronic disk; diskette drives
Downloads: 73
[movies]GET LAMP: Adam Thornton - Jason Scott
I interviewed Adam in the same hotel room in Las Vegas that I interviewed Ian Bogost, all during a classic gaming convention being held at the Riviera casino. He was a big recommendation from Robb Sherwin, who I'd interviewed earlier. As it turned out, every clip of his interview I used in GET LAMP was either negative or world weary, but that's not really the tone of a lot of his answers. Adam is a continual IF writer, and loves the medium dearly, and had continued to add fun new works to the wo...
Downloads: 88
[movies]GET LAMP: Dan Shiovitz - Jason Scott
Dan Shiovitz, also known as "inky", had an enormous amount of helpful insight into the modern interactive fiction scene. What I found most interesting was that he didn't really worship or look up to the "classic" interactive fiction era. He thought it was nice and that they'd done some good work back then, but what interested him was what was being done now. His interview, therefore, is forward thinking, based on the modern era, and was really helpful all over GET LAMP to add statements that rea...
Downloads: 81
[movies]GET LAMP: Brendan Desilets - Jason Scott
Brendan Desilets was pointed out to me by Nick Montfort, who said he was worth interviewing because of his long life in the public school system, and his work and research in the world of interactive fiction as a teaching tool could not be ignored. And Nick was right! Brendan has done amazing work with it, and while we discussed a bunch of things, his thoughts on educating classes through interactive fiction drive that section of GET LAMP.
Downloads: 92
[movies]GET LAMP: Rob Griffiths - Jason Scott
Rob is a perfect example of the benefits of not going just for "names" in a documentary about a wide-ranging subject - nothing on his resume says he was a big text adventure game player or person who was at the beginning of Zork. But there he was, a kid who had gotten into the MIT lab and seen early Zork being played and the effect it was having on the students and computer lab users. He was articulate and provided a wonderful dash of emotion into the descriptions which I used liberally in GET L...
Downloads: 93
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